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DB Schenker

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DB Schenker ist mit gleich mehreren Niederlassungen am Logistikstanort Hannover vertreten.

Industry giant DB Schenker, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG, is also active in Hannover. With several facilities, it has also made its mark on the logistics landscape in Hannover. 

Within the Deutsche Bahn group, DB Schenker handles logistics and transport services. With a clear focus on B2B services, the logistics provider specialises in German and global overland transport and ocean and air freight for business customers.

While its location in Stöcken on the Mittelland Canal connects ocean freight with road and rail transport, its sites in Langenhagen benefit from their proximity to the airport and the motorway. The company is also active in southern Hannover, with DB Schenker Messelogistik in Hannover-Mittelfeld focused on the trade fair business for international exhibitions.

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Last updated: 2022年1月27日