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Swiss Life Hall

Changeability, flexibility and a high standard in the service area, these are the strengths of the Swiss Life Hall!

Swiss Life Hall

For concerts, theatre, musicals, dancing shows or meetings and conferences the Swiss Life Hall can be used with different seating arrangements - a stage at the end or stage on the side. With stage at the end the hall has space for a maximum of 5.800 seats and standing places (partly seated) or for a maximum of 4.440 seats (full seating). With stage on the side the hall has space for 2.000 to 3.500 seats and standing places (partly seated) and 1.700 to 3.018 seats (full seating).

A newly installed, flexible curtain system provides for a total of 18 usage variations of the Swiss Life Hall a suitable atmosphere - variety of event scenarios can be realized.

Exhibitions, fairs or similar events take place in the interior room of the Swiss Life Hall – on an area of maximum 1.980 square meters. Sport events can be carried out with a visitor capacity between 1.300 and 5.248 seats depending on the usage of tribunes.

The spacious foyer of the Swiss Life Hall, designed as a friendly visitor area, welcomes guests on a floor area of 1.400 square meters with an excellent catering structure. In the aisles of the foyer visitor wardrobes are permanently installed.

Data and Facts

Stage at the end (seats and standing places)

max. 5.800 People

Stage on the side (seats and standing places)

max. 3.500 People

Interior room

1.980 sqm

Small hall

200 sqm


1.400 sqm

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Last updated: 2021年12月6日