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View over the Maschsee lake

Hannover is one of the leading art and museum centres in Germany, one of Germany's greenest cities and offers a huge range of leisure amenities.

Hannover, City of Culture and Art

Did you know? Since 2014 Hannover bears the title of UNESCO City of Music and takes its place in the international UNESCO network of Creative Cities alongside Glasgow, Seville, Bogota, Bologna, Ghent and Brazzaville. The opera and drama sections of Hannover state theatre are leading lights in the German theatre environment. All over the city, there are numerous private theatres which feature exciting productions ranging from light comedy to avantgarde.

Sprengel Museum Hannove

Unique exhibits and spectacular exhibitions have earned Hannover a reputation as a city of art and museums. Highly diverse exhibitions, staged for instance by the internationally renowned sprengel Museum Hannover, Museum August kestner, kestnergesellschaft, wilhelm Busch – German Museum of Caricature and Critical Graphic Arts, or the state Museum of lower saxony, take visitors on a voyage of discovery.

The famous Herrenhausen Gardens are also a superb setting for prestigious open-air cultural events. The baroque gardens provide a perfect venue for the arts festival Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen as well as for the International Fireworks Competition or open-air theatre performances.

One of Germanys Greenest Cities

Green spaces make up 11.36 per cent of the surface area – Hannover is one of Germany’s greenest cities. Hannover’s green character is most evident in the Eilenriede city forest: with an area of almost 1,600 acres, the city’s green lung is almost twice as big as new york’s Central park. This abundance of green is also one of the main reasons why 89 per cent of Hannover’s population say that they are very happy to live here.

Impressive Variety

The huge range of leisure amenities also helps to explain the contentment of the people of Hannover with their city.

Historic old town

In the metropolis on the river leine, they have an endless choice of top-ranking cultural and sports events, an impressive number of first-rate museums, fantastic shopping in one of Germany’s largest pedestrian precincts and the picturesque Old Town quarter. Premium tourist attractions include the famous Herrenhausen Gardens and Hannover’s unique Adventure Zoo, whilst legendary events such as the Maschsee Lake Festival and the world’s largest Marksmen’s Fair never fail to attract large numbers of tourists and locals.

Other characteristic features of this trade fair location and economic powerhouse are the short distances from A to B, the excellent regional transport system and a choice of excellent but affordable housing.

Velkommen i Hannover

Forretningsdestination – Europa

Region Hannover er det førende erhvervsområde i Niedersachsen. Hannover har i 70 år været internationalt velrenommeret som messe- og kongresby. 

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