Skilled trades

The skilled trades sector is an important force for economic growth and employment in Hannover.

Hannover Chamber of Trades

Well represented

Hannover Chamber of Trades

The Hannover Chamber of Trades supports around 19,000 member businesses with approximately 100,000...

With around 53,500 employees, the skilled trades account for 10% of all jobs in the Hannover region. With 6,200 businesses in the sector, they are an important economic factor for the region. The three main segments are construction and renovation; health, personal hygiene and cleaning; and metalworking.

A source of ideas

This sector is a constant source of innovations that are also put to use in other sectors. For example, many such innovations come from the Heinz-Piest-Institut für Handwerkstechnik (HPI), the sector’s research and service organisation. One-fifth of all trainees in the Hannover region complete their apprenticeships in the trades, with the training and educational centre of the Hannover Chamber of Trades playing an important role.

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