Continuing education

Online continuing education programme


Kickstart your job prospects with a suitable continuing education programme at the Hannover Chamber of Crafts.

Have you passed your apprenticeship or degree exams and already taken your first successful steps in the trades? Would you like to embark on a career and quickly move ahead in your company? Do you plan to set up your own business in a few years?

At the Hannover Chamber of Crafts, you will find practice-oriented courses and seminars on numerous subjects. From preparatory courses for the master certificate, certified business administrator (according to the German Handicrafts Code [HWO]). You will definitely find the right opportunity for you. The programme consists of four parts:

  • continuing education in business administration
  • technical continuing education and preparatory courses for master certificate
  • continuing education in environment and energy
  • continuing education in design

More information in German:
>>>For more information, please visit the Hannover HWK website<<<

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