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An insight into Hannover's science fiction scene.


Buchcover Perry Rhodan

Perry Rhodan Neo: Raumzeit-Rochade Sci-Fi No

Hannoverian science fiction author Michael H. Buchholz celebrated his first contribution the cult Perry Rhodan science fiction series of novels (relaunched in 2011 as Perry Rhodan Neo) when he wrote volume 89 entitled Tschato, der Panther. He wrote numerous other publications following this debut. Together with his friend Rüdiger Schäfer, he also played a key role in shaping the spinoff novels of the sister series Atlan.

What the story is about:

It is the year 2038 and the uprising against the Arkonide forces who have occupied Earth starts with a bitter defeat. The attempt on New Year’s Eve to eliminate the military commander-in-chief ends in failure. The enemy is now bent on revenge. Freedom fighter Julian Tifflor and his girlfriend Mildred are planning to secretly enter one of the occupier’s spaceships to sabotage it from the inside. It looks as if this mission is also going to end in failure. But the resistance fighters suddenly receive unexpected backup. Policeman Nome Tschato, also known as “Der Panther” discovers their plan and wants to help them implement it …


Buchcover Olaf Stapledon

Star Maker

The novel originated from the pen of British author Olaf Stapleton. Hannoverians Wolfgang Thadewald and Thomas Schück translated the novel into German. Until his death in 2013, Thadewald was one of the most distinguished experts of the works of the French science fiction writer Jules Verne. During the course of his career, Schück translated numerous works by well-known authors of this genre and published a number of his own short science fiction novels.

What the story is about:

A man leaves his small planet and wanders through the vastness of space. He goes in search of other life forms and finally stumbles upon a planet that harbours life forms which are not dissimilar to humans. The astronaut continues researching and finally finds out something interesting. All the life forms he has met on his journey through space and time have the same objective – to uncover the universe’s greatest secret of all time: the secret of the star maker.


Buchcover Gero Reimann

Lila Zukunft und hellgelbe Liebe

Gero Reimann is the author of numerous short science fictions stories and essays on this genre. His novel Lila Zukunft und hellgelbe Liebe was published in 1984 by the Heyne-Verlag.

What the story is about:

Humans have destroyed planet Earth. Only data stored on numerous hard drives are evidence of their existence. However, this is dead information and nobody knows what to do with it. Until the day the “vagrants” awake from their long sleep; a company of actors which traverses the galaxies in an ancient banana-shaped space ship. The actors arrive at the colonies and breathe new life into the incomprehensible legends about planet Earth.



Buchcover D9E

Das Haus der blauen Aschen

Niklas Peinecke is actually known in the science fiction scene for his unusual short stories. Das Haus der blauen Aschen is the Hannoverian’s first longer novel and the first part of a trilogy. The sequels are called Die Seelen der blauen Aschen and Die Sonnen der Seelen and were published in 2015 and 2016 by Wurdack-Verlag.

What the story is about:

During tedious routine work, young astrophysicist Farne notices an unusual signal coming from the brown dwarf star ERC 238. She pulls out all the stops so that she can pay a visit to this mysterious heavenly body along with her friend and secret lover. Spirits were initially high when they first set off on the expedition, however, inexplicable events start to happen more and more frequently. The ship’s doctor disappears and is replaced by an enigmatic female colleague, equipment starts to malfunction and traces of a lost civilisation are discovered. When Farne becomes aware of the danger that emanates from ERC 238, it is already too late to turn back.


Buchcover Maddrax

Maddrax – The dark future of Earth

Maddrax is a post-apocalyptic pulp fiction series which combines science-fiction, fantasy, horror and adventure. The first part, The Dark Future of Earth, was penned by Hannoverian Bernd Frenz who used to publish the book under his pen name of Brian Frost. Frenz also wrote several books in the famous Perry Rhoda series. In 2005, he also wrote the science fiction novel S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Shadow of Chernobyl: the Death Zone with Claudia Kern which relates the back story to the apocalyptic computer game of the same name.

What the story is about:

A huge comet seals the fate of human civilisation. A new ice age begins. The glaciers only start to slowly recede 400 years later. The survivors eke out an existence, resorting to barbarity, anarchy and violence. Commander and pilot Matthew Drax reaches this unknown world through a worm hole and many adventures await him.


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