Streetart & Graffiti Linden

Am Küchengarten

Küchengarten is a square in the area of Linden-Nord.

Am Küchengarten

Graffitis am Küchengarten in Linden-Nord:

It used to be home to a fruit and vegetable garden established by the Guelph nobility in the village of Linden in the 17th century. The garden was used by the Hanoverian kings from 1814. The gardens covered around eight hectares in what is now Linden-Mitte, between the streets of Fössestraße, Dieckbornstraße and Davenstedter Straße, before being closed in 1866 and subsequently urbanised. In what used to be the northern section of the gardens, Am Küchengarten square serves as a reminder of the area’s past.

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