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Ein Mann in einem Kostüm hält eine Lampe in der Hand. © Stattreisen Hannover e.V.

City tour for groups

1712 - The Nightwatchman

A walk around the dark allyes of the Old Town.

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When all honourable citizens of Hannover lie asleep in their beds, that is when Nightwatchman Melchior takes you on an fascinating walk through the darkest alleys and corners of the city. As he walks, he tells of murders, of gangs and the everyday trials and tribulations of a night
watchman‘s life. He also knows a thing or two about the history of beer and the city’s nightlife.

Organizer: Stattreisen Hannover e.V.

Information and Booking: 

Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: 150 € up to 12 pers.,
each additional person 11 €
Information and Booking +49 511 12345-333 or by mail to