Hunting crimes together

Hannover`s crime tour

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Your group discovers historical crimes in Hanover...

Opera Square in black and white

From Königsmarck to Haarmann, from Hanebuth to Düe - on our tour through the city center and old town of Hanover you will hear exciting background information from criminal history at the original locations. What is it about finding a body in a leash? Where did Haarmann get up to mischief and where, according to legend, is the Hanebuth camp? Find out the answers to these questions and much more on our tour! In addition to the thematic focus of historical crimes, our crime guides also provide lots of information on well-known sights in Hanover.

Hanebuth-passage at the river "Leine"

Information and Booking:


all year round on request


approx. 2 hours


€ 150 per guide


max. 25 per guide / minimum age: 16 years


phone: +49511 – 12345 333



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Last updated: 14 May 2024