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Berto Lardera | Ile de France

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» Location: Culemannstraße/ Friederikenplatz

Berto Lardera | Ile de France

The sculpture by Berto Lardera (b. 1911 in La Spezia, Italy – d. 1989) was originally produced on behalf of France for the Montreal Expo. The then director of the Lower Saxon State Museum, Harald Seiler, recommended it for Hannover, and it was subsequently erected opposite the State Museum. In 1969, it represented the most consequential realisation of autonomous sculpture to be found
in Hannover’s public space until that time. Its abstract form constructs a complex threedimensionality from horizontal and vertical layers, provoking the viewer to look through and along. After being temporarily stored in the courtyard of the Sprengel Museums Hannover, the sculpture was installed at its present site in 1998. » Location: Culemannstraße/ Friederikenplatz

Last updated: 13 Feb 2020