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Hans Breder | in between

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» Location: Friedrichswall/Willy-Brandt-Allee (in Maschpark)

Hans Breder | in between

sculpture »in between« by Hans Breder (b. 1935 in Herford) was originally produced as »Außenobjekt Hannover« [Outdoor Object Hannover] in conjunction with the »Street Art Programme«, but fell victim to corrosion and vandalism. The artist subsequently created a considerably altered new version in 2002 that was installed near the original location. In his practice as an artist and teacher,
Breder was influenced by the interpenetration of a wide range of theories and media. The sculpture »in between« initially makes an all the more minimal impression as a pragmatic steel object. Its concentrated impact, however, can be perceived when following its intrinsic directions, lines and layers – in correspondence to the surrounding architecture and thoroughfares as well as the selection of its location. » Location: Friedrichswall/Willy-Brandt-Allee (in Maschpark)

Last updated: 13 Feb 2020