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Ludger Gerdes | Klaus-Bahlsen-Brunnen

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» Location: Trammplatz

Ludger Gerdes | Klaus-Bahlsen-Brunnen

The Rut and Klaus Bahlsen Foundation enabled the new construction of a fountain on Trammplatz by Ludger Gerdes (b. 1954 in Lastrup – d. 2008). He had already been advocating on behalf of art as a means of designing public spaces since the early 1980s and did research in this field in the 1990s. His aspiration of promoting communications through art is reflected in the fountain: like an abstract playing field, it invites one to construct rules and structures in order to reference the built elements. The word »sondern« [but rather/sort] is inscribed into one of the blocks, as an objection but also as a possible instruction: sort, move, shape! A cast of Ernst Moritz Geyger’s sculpture »Bogenschütze« [Archer] is located nearby. It first stood on the Engesohde Cemetery since 1918 and was transferred here in 1967. » Location: Trammplatz

Last updated: 13 Feb 2020