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Andreas von Weizsäcker | Hangover

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» Location: Raschplatz (under the Raschplatz elevated road)

Andreas von Weizsäcker | Hangover

The site-specific installation by Andreas von Weizsäcker (b. 1956 in Essen – d. 2008) was produced in 1991 in conjunction with the »Im Lärm der Stadt« project featuring ten art installations in Hannover’s town centre and was permanently installed two years later. The temporary project, a part of a series dealing with art in public spaces initiated by Lothar Romain and organised by the Sprengel Museum Hannover with the financial support of the Stiftung Niedersachsen, meant the first targeted occupation with interventionist art in Hannover. Over the course of the years, the piece has become a permanent visual component of the elevated road, and together they make up an ironic monument to the 1960s-notion of a car-friendly city. The piece is the property of the artist’s heirs. » Location: Raschplatz (under the Raschplatz elevated road)

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020