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HAWOLI | Drehbare Schrauben

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» Location: Georgsplatz

HAWOLI (Hans Wolf Lingemann) | Drehbare Schrauben

The work by the artist HAWOLI (Hans Wolf Lingemann, b. 1935 in Bleckede) was produced in conjunction with the »Street Art Programme« and represents its participatory vision. It is street art in the true sense of the term: kinetic, signallike, demands movement, provokes the idea of one’s own action. The artist had initially envisioned a location for the piece where the columns would have stood more in the way of the passers-by, where the confrontation with objects and triggered motions would have been more feasible. On Georgsplatz, they are now components in an ensemble that has grown over time, the individual elements of each of which represent the diverse demands made on art in the urban space. » Location: Georgsplatz

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020