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Horst Antes | Kopf mit zwölf Augen

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» Location: Georgsplatz

Horst Antes | Kopf in der Hand und Kopf mit zwölf Augen

The two corresponding sculptures by Horst Antes (b. 1936 in Heppenheim) were installed by the Galerie Brusberg and later acquired by the city. They structure the path across Georgsplatz along the historical axis by being placed diagonally to the direction of pedestrian traffic, thus preventing an all too hasty crossing. The multiplicity of eyes recall in the process the perspectives of all those who first make the city into a lively place through their mutual perception. The eyes and hands symbolise thinking and acting as basic functions of human coexistence and can likewise, depending on the viewer’s personal state of mind, be read as very different types of appeals. Further work in Hannover: »Figur 1. September« in front of the Sprengel Museum Hannover (see »Art in the City 3«). » Location: Georgsplatz

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020