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M. F. Otto | Die Wanderer

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» Location: Georgsplatz

M. F. Otto | Die Wanderer

The sculpture by Michael F. Otto (b. 1960 in Hameln) is the only remaining object from the temporary »Blattschuss« [Heart Shot] project featuring contributions by students from the fine arts faculty at Hannover’s University of Applied Sciences. With its quotation of a road sign pictogram pointing out parking lots for hikers, the artist suggests the proximity of nature in the middle of the city. In the process, he mixes further polarities into his piece, for example the gender of the two hikers or the directions they are taking. At the same time he poses the question regarding our motivation in moving about in the urban space, contrasts conscious experiencing and purposeful transit. The work is the property of the artist. Nearby is the fountain sculpture »L’Air« by Aristide Maillol, 1961,
one of the first pieces by a major international classical modern artist to be installed in Hannover. » Location: Georgsplatz

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020