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Stephan Huber | Das große Leuchten

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» Location: Sophienstraße (in front of the Künstlerhaus)

Stephan Huber | Das große Leuchten

The installation by Stephan Huber (b. 1952 in Lindenberg) was a contribution to the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Künstlerhaus Hannover in 2006. It goes back to a competition initiated for
this purpose by Kunstverein Hannover and the Stiftung Niedersachsen. At night, the chandelier becomes one of the street lights. It is moreover mobile, swinging like a bell before events in the  Künstlerhaus. The piece’s very subtle relationships to the site are developed from numerous polarities such as interior/exterior, public/private or purposeful/purposeless. Serving as a kind of signpost
for the Künstlerhaus, it seems to scream out culture with nearly baroque splendour and can thus also be seen as an ironic commentary: overloaded, expensive, weighty – and simultaneously imaginative,
stimulating, not routine, autonomous, resistant and different. The work was financed in part by the Stiftung Niedersachsen, whose main headquarters are located in the Künstlerhaus. » Location: Sophienstraße (in front of the Künstlerhaus)

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020