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Ulrike Enders | Zwei Leute im Regen

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» Location: Georgstraße/Große Packhofstraße

Ulrike Enders | Zwei Leute im Regen

The two sculptures by Ulrike Enders (b. 1944 in Oberstdorf) were installed as a part of a private initiative undertaken by local business people. They are located at eye-level in the pedestrian zone in the truest sense of the word, offering the viewer the chance to uninhibitedly move and position himself between them. The piece demands that the visitor stops and pauses; the familiarity of the design and function creates a setting where one can anchor himself in the busy hustle and bustle of the downtown area. In the process, the grumpy expressions on the sculptures’ faces might reflect one’s own state of mind, one that could be lightened through the exaggerated figures. Further works in Hannover (selection): »Drei Stühle« [Three Chairs] in the Galerie Luise; »Lindener Butjer« [Linden Rascals] on Minister-Stüwe-Straße. » Location: Georgstraße/Große Packhofstraße

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020