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WP Eberhard Eggers | Guardians

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» Location: Luisenstraße (in front of the Kröpcke Passage)

WP Eberhard Eggers | Guardians

The two sculptures by WP Eberhard Eggers (b. 1939 in Hannover – d. 2004) were purchased by the owners of the Kröpcke Passage on the occasion of its tenth anniversary and arranged on both sides of the entrance. The artist is known internationally particularly for his wide-ranging graphic oeuvre. Since the 1980s, he experimented with translating these works into three-dimensional objects by means of mechanical techniques. The pieces are likewise extremely emblematic, and it is not a coincidence that they would come to serve as the shopping arcade’s trademark. Their technicized estrangement similarly enables them to be read as a commentary on humanity in a modern society. The sculpture is the property of Christian Schünemann GmbH. Further work in Hannover: »Dicker Mann frisst Maus« [Fat Man Eats Mouse] on Braunschweiger Platz. » Location: Luisenstraße (in front of the Kröpcke Passage)

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020