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Fritz Wotruba | Stehende Figur

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» Location: Goldener Winkel (behind Kreuzkirche)

Fritz Wotruba | Stehende Figur

The sculpture by Fritz Wotruba (b. 1907 in Vienna, Austria – d. 1975) was initially installed near the Kreuzkirche in conjunction with the »Street Art Programme« and transferred a year later to Nordmannpassage, where it could be encountered abruptly and directly, but where its impact could not fully unfold due to the crowded urban situation in the narrow street. An interesting phenomenon occurred when the sculpture was relocated: in the vicinity of the church, the sculpture was often perceived as a cross, whereby it is read instead as body at its present secular site. Meanwhile the piece is back at its original location behind the Kreuzkirche. » Location: Goldener Winkel (behind Kreuzkirche)

Last updated: 13 Feb 2020