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Hans Uhlmann | Stahlplastik 1965

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» Location: Schmiedestraße (in front of the parking garage)

Hans Uhlmann | Stahlplastik 1965

Construction work on the Schmiedestraße parking garage was completed in 1965. The artist Hans Uhlmann (born 1900 in Berlin – d. 1975) was brought in as a consultant and he developed a sculpture for the site that corresponds to the façade. This is a successful example of a 1960s-percent-for-art project that gradually became detached from the building itself. The consequential linkage between architecture and object translates the façade’s structure to the city space, permitting visual relationships over and above the building. This »externalisation« leads to a concentration. The piece is by no means a commentary or an ornament, but rather an autonomous, emancipated element. » Location: Schmiedestraße (in front of the parking garage)

Last updated: 13 Feb 2020