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Hein Sinken | Anemokinetisches Objekt

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» Location: Burgstraße (in front of the Historic Museum)

Hein Sinken | Anemokinetisches Objekt

The kinetic object by Hein Sinken (b. 1914 in Aachen – d. 1987) was produced in conjunction with the »Street Art Programme«. Surrounded by historical and modern architecture, it appears in front of the Historic Museum as if it was an exhibit that has been transferred like a signal to the outside. The piece’s pronounced verticality suggests that it could also be a meteorological measuring instrument
– and in fact it visualises the wind high above the viewer’s head, standstill and motion, invisible factors involved with its location. Slight shifts of space emerge in the process through the ostensible
simultaneous opening and closing, slow and circumspect courses of light and reflections. Further work in Hannover: »Anemokinetisches Objekt III« [Anemokinetic Object III], Osterstraße/Karmarschstraße. » Location: Burgstraße (in front of the Historic Museum)

Last updated: 13 Feb 2020