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Hein Sinken | Anemokinetisches Objekt III

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» Location: Osterstraße/ Karmarschstraße

Hein Sinken | Anemokinetisches Objekt III

The kinetic object by Hein Sinken (b. 1914 in Aachen – d. 1987) was initially installed near the opera house in conjunction with the »Street Art Programme« and later moved to its present location. It is a textbook example of the participatory art of the 1970s that was intended to be in touch with the man on the street and whose magic cultural political formula was »art for everyone«. The work which seduces the viewer to play an active role is not least still very popular today among children. It has retained its playful but clear functionality and its basic physical and geometrical features remain comprehensible. Despite its compactness and the inertness of its almost meditative motions, which can often already be triggered by gust of wind, it extends out beyond itself in formal terms, corresponding with the surrounding urban spaces. Further work in Hannover: »Anemokinetisches Objekt« in front of the Historic Museum (see below, no. 7 ). » Location: Osterstraße/ Karmarschstraße

Last updated: 13 Feb 2020