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Bernhard Heiliger | Deus ex machina

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» Location: Leibnizufer/Goethestraße

Bernhard Heiliger | Deus ex machina

The sculpture by Bernhard Heiliger (b. 1915 in Stettin – d. 1995) integrates abstracted, technologically symbolic set pieces. The impact of its complex formal relationships becomes especially clear
when the piece is viewed from different perspectives. Along with Hans Uhlmann and Karl Hartung, whose works are likewise represented in Hannover’s urban space, Heiliger is one of Germany’s major post-war German artists. »Deus ex machina« was the first conceptual sculpture set up in conjunction with the »Sculpture Mile«. » Location: Leibnizufer/Goethestraße

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020