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Erich Hauser | Stahl 17/87

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» Location: Brühlstraße (at Andertensche Wiese)

Erich Hauser | Stahl 17/87

The impact of the works constructed from steel sheets by Erich Hauser (b. 1930 in Tuttlingen – d. 2004) often unfolds through a tension relationship between very diverse directional references and area ratios. Measuring 16 metres in width, the »Steel Angel« as it is known in the local Hannover vernacular extends beyond the central reservation. With its complex geometry and reflective surfaces,
the sculpture suggests connections to and between the surrounding architecture. The object’s high identificational potential can be seen in the fact that Hannover’s citizenry provided the start-up financing to keep the sculpture in the city after it was shown at the »Stahl 2« exhibition (Galerie kö 24), inspiring other sponsors to get involved as well. Further works in Hannover (selection): steel relief on the façade of the municipal gallery KUBUS; »Stahlkugelblätter 5/81« [Steel Sphere Sheets 5/82], in front of the Sprengel Museum Hannover. » Location: Brühlstraße (at Andertensche Wiese)

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020