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Hermann Scheuernstuhl | Mann mit Pferd

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» Location: Am Hohen Ufer (Roßmühle)

Hermann Scheuernstuhl | Mann mit Pferd

The bronze sculpture by Hermann Scheuernstuhl (b. 1894 in Pforzheim – d. 1982) was commissioned by the city of Hannover and references the historical royal stables and one of the former horse
troughs on the riverbank. The riverside promenade was laid out in 1956 with rubble from buildings destroyed in the war. Further works in Hannover (selection): the Nazi-era sculptures »Fackelträger
« [Torchbearer] and »Fisch mit reitender Putte« [Fish and Riding Cherub], both located on Maschsee. Commentaries on the works along the Maschsee shore can be found at the site. » Location: Am Hohen Ufer (at Roßmühle)

Last updated: 12 Feb 2020