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GOP: Dummy Lab

Seven years ago, Eike von Stuckenbrok virtually reinvented the art form of the variety theatre for the Winter Varieté. Now "Dummy Lab" returns to Hanover in a new production.

The only problem is that the ceilings in the GOP-Palast are about two meters lower than those in the Orangerie Hannover, the traditional location of the Winter Varieté. "That's a challenge," admits Werner Buss, Artistic Director at the GOP, but the venue at the Georgstrasse has still put every production on its stage.

From "Dummy" to "Dummy Lab"

Then as now dummies are on stage, and the show revolves around questions like: Who is a puppet, who is a human being? What is real and what is illusion? The artists interact impressively with the interactive video design on a 45 degree tilting stage and touching live music sets the emotional framework. The same show as in 2012 is not to be expected, 2019 will see an extensive revision with a new cast - and "Dummy" becomes "Dummy Lab".

Event(s): 24.04.2019 to 28.04.2019
Wednesdays  Thursdays 
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26.04.2019 to 28.04.2019
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GOP Varieté

  • Georgstraße 36
  • 30159 Hannover
Premium 44,00 Euro
1. Category 39,00 Euro
2. Category 24,00 Euro
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Children up to and including 14 years: 50% reduction
Pupils and students up to 27 years: 25% discount

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