Schauspiel Hannover

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Schauspiel Hannover – the city’s premier dramatic venue.

Das Schauspielhaus Hannover.

Schauspiel Hannover – the city’s premier dramatic venue – not only opts for the triedand-tested works of famous authors such as Dürrenmatt, Fallada, Dostojewskij or Shakespeare, but also performs plays by lesser-known dramatists like Nis-Momme Stockmann or Marius von Mayenburg. Contemporary authors, such as Judith Schalansky and Jonathan Safran Foer, round off the repertoire. The bill features not only classics, but also many premieres, with performances in the Playhouse, Cumberland Theatre and Gallery, as well as Ballhof Eins and Zwei.

Playhouse - or 'Schauspielhaus' - was opened in 1992 and seats 630. In addition to the theatre’s own directors Florian Fiedler and Tom Kühnel, and business manager and artistic director Lars-Ole Walburg, the theatre also stages productions by guest directors.