Stages in the city of Hannover

Concerts, theater, dance and music happen on different stages in Hanover.

Ort für Kunst- und Theaterprojekte: Die Eisfabrik.

Moving drama – all manner of culture: You are invited to enjoy a fantastic night at the theatre.

Drama, art, culture: unique exhibitions & spectacular shows have earned Hanover a reputation as one of the leading art and museum centres in Germany. The theatrical programme is rated as first-class, highly diverse and moving, making it a leading light on the German theatre scene.

Hanover’s theatres put on a comprehensive and highly versatile programme, with excellent ensembles and diverse repertoires in all genres. In addition to new interpretations of classical works and major premieres, audiences at the many cultural centres, drama workshops, cabaret venues, variety and private theatres can enjoy a wide choice of fascinating productions, ranging from light comedy to avantgarde. There are also many more interesting drama and entertainment formats throughout Hanover.

StaatsoperOpernplatz 1
30159 Hannover
Schauspielhaus HannoverPrinzenstraße 9
30159 Hannover
Ballhof EinsBallhofplatz 5
30159 Hannover
Ballhof ZweiKnochenhauerstraße 28
30159 Hannover
GOP VarietéGeorgstraße 36
30159 Hannover


Last updated: 30 Apr 2022