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Fountain Scan

The Great Fountain is one of Hanover’s main attractions and the undisputed focal point of the “Nouveau Jardin” in the Großer Garten. At 140 km/h its jet can reach a height of 72 metres. For its 300th anniversary the musician, laser artist and programmer Robert Henke is playing at the fountain with a spectacular sound and laser installation. 

Four laser beams are aimed at the fountain from a distance. At a height of three metres they follow the garden’s long sightlines for up to 500 metres, and refract in the mass of water. In combination with other lasers, moving geometrical figures of light form in the mist and surrounding trees, seeming to hover over fountain and spectators, changing dramatically according to atmospheric conditions. Contact with the ceaselessly rising and falling mass of water makes the laser beams visible as intensive surfaces of colour and points of light, which creates the fascinating illusion of the drops themselves as the light source.

Fountain Scan is conceived as an audio-visual composition together with Henke’s electronic sounds. It combines the art of engineering and the spirit of radical technical innovation with the artistic impulse in a consistent site specificity. For Henke the perfection and rigour of his Fountain Scan is a homage to the masterfully designed structure of the Großer Garten.

Event(s): 23.09.2020 starting from 20:30 o'clock
24.09.2020 to 11.10.2020
from 20:30 to 23:00 o'clock

Großer Garten

  • Alte Herrenhäuser Straße 1
  • 30419 Hannover
There are no events on: 28/09/2020
8,00 Euro plus fees reduced rate 4,00 Euro plus fees
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Admission to the opening is free.
Tickets for events of the KunstFestSpiele entitle to free admission to Fountain Scan on the day of the performance.

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