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Nevin Aladağ | Part 2: Social Fabric

Starting on 1 December 2018, the exhibition Social Fabric by the Berlin-based artist Nevin Aladağ (*1972 in Van, Turkey) will mark the second round of an experimental format.

Topics such as diversity in society, identity, and community, which already played a role in the first part, will now be negotiated on an abstract level. The show features four textile works from a current series of the same name as well as the two video works "Top View" (2012) and "City Language I" (2009). New photographs from the series "Best Friends" (2018), which were taken in the summer in Hanover, will also be shown. While in the first part current social questions on the subject of the individual were negotiated in photography and video, the second part of the exhibition focuses on different cultures as a whole. Crafts in the form of carpets and musical sounds can be understood as expressions or stand-ins for culture. In the series Social Fabric, Aladağ collages various textiles, from knotted kilims to carpets made of wool, silk, and sisal. Their manufacturing processes and origins range from traditional knotted rugs from India, Iran, and Turkey to commercialized oriental carpets as well as industrially manufactured commodities from the globalized carpet industry. Without overlapping, the individual parts are juxtaposed and make up a “social fabric.” 

Event(s): 01.12.2018 to 03.02.2019
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from 11:00 to 18:00 o'clock
01.12.2018 to 03.02.2019
from 11:00 to 20:00 o'clock


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