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Snow White (Ballet)

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who is the most beautiful in the whole country? In the new season, Jörg Mannes dedicates a dance piece to the girl whose skin is as white as snow and her lips as red as blood. The premiere will take place on 6 October at the Opera House.

Everyone knows Snow White - from stories or fairy tales, from films or comics. The beautiful princess is no stranger even outside the German-speaking world, even if she does not necessarily bear the same name. Variants even occur beyond Europe in Africa, Arabia and Asia.

Celebrity is an advantage, says Jörg Mannes, who now awakens Snow White to new life in dance. Like many artists before him, he is fascinated by the timelessness of fairy tales as well as by the richness of images and aspects.

White as snow, red as blood, black as ebony

Snow White gets her good looks put into her cradle. Already at the age of seven she is the most beautiful in the whole country. That's what the omniscient mirror says that the evil queen asks every day. Her stepdaughter as First Beauty. The shame is unacceptable. Away with the child, she decides. But she has underestimated the little one who awakens the pity of the hired murderer. Snow White flees into the forest and finds shelter with the seven dwarves.

But: The girl has to die. Thus the evil queen takes matters into her own hands. Unrecognizable in her disguise, she sets off on the path that the magic mirror has shown her. In the dwarf house she meets Snow White alone. Blinded by the beautiful things the seemingly stranger offers her, the fugitive forgets all caution. But her happiness does not leave her. The first two attempts of her jealous stepmother to strangle her with a belt and kill her with a poisoned comb fail.

For the third attempted murder, she again reaches for poison. Unsuspectingly, the girl bites the prepared apple and falls down. The evil queen enjoys her triumph of finally being the most beautiful again. The seven dwarves find Snow White lifeless. Full of sorrow, they place them in a glass coffin. When a passing king's son sees them like this, he burns with love. He always wants to have her with him. His precious treasure falls to the ground while being transported to his castle. The poisonous apple bite jumps out of her throat, and Snow White awakes.

Event(s): 07.12.2018 starting from 19:30 o'clock
20.12.2018 starting from 19:30 o'clock

Opernhaus Hannover

  • Opernplatz 1
  • 30159 Hannover
Tickets 20,00 - 59,00 €
Reduced 8,00 - 52,00 €
Advance sale:

Recommended for children 12 years and older

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