30th International fireworks competition 2022

Welcome to
30th International Fireworks Competition.

Today we welcome the American team Pirotecnia Internacional
in the Herrenhausen Gardens.

Please note that only the following tickets are valid:

August 22, 2020 (Team Europe)

August 21, 2021 (Team Europe)

August 20, 2022 (Team America)

The date is valid, not the country!

The tickets Team America from 09/19/2020 and 09/18/2021 as well as the tickets Team Europe for 09/17/2022 are not valid!

The side program

Classical overture

The side program

Here you will find all information about the side program.

Corona News

Corona News

Here you will find all important information about the current Corona situation.

The overview plan

Great Garden, Herrenhausen Gardens

The overview plan

Here you will find all information about the entrances, the picnic areas in the spectator area as...

Last updated: 22 Jun 2022