Int. Firework Competition

Film: Firework Competition Hannover

The video ‘Fuego español’ shows the Herrenhausen International Firework Competition from perspectives never seen before.

Firework from perspectives never seen before!

International Firework Competition - Film „Fuego español“

In this video around two minutes in length, marvel at a birds-eye view of the choreographed fireworks display given by the Spanish pyrotechnics team ‘Ricardo Caballer SA’ on 6 June, and let yourself be whisked away on a flight over the beautifully illuminated baroque Herrenhausen Gardens. Hannover Veranstaltungs GmbH (HVG) and connect-tv hope you enjoy the experience!

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International Firework Competition

The world-famous competition presents top teams from all over the world.

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Here you will find an an overview of prices for the Int. Firework Competition.

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Firework Competi­tion: Hannover explosive 2024

The world’s best Pyrotechnicians show off their skills at the International Fireworks Competition.

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Last updated: 16 Sept 2022