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Gastronomisches Angebot im Großen Garten

Here you will find all information about the gastronomic offer.

food offer:

Pagoda Tent 1 - Bratwurst & Currywurst

Pagoda tent 2 - Salmon burger & Beefburger

Container bar 1 - Flammkuchen variations

Container bar 2 - Fresh crêpes with various toppings

Pavilion at the Grotto - Fish and Chips, Meatball Sub and Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Container Bar at the Garden Theater - Pretzels

Frioli Ice Cream Shop at the Graft - Homemade ice cream from Linden

Tent - French baguette with camembert, croque monsieur, summer quiche with asparagus and baguette jambon beurre

Range of beverages:

BierKutsche - Herrenhäuser beer, Alster, wine, sparkling wine

Flözinger Kutsche - Flötzinger Helles, Radler

Voelkel BioZisch - organic lemonades and cocktails

Dupres - sparkling wine

Pommery Champagne Bar



Last updated: 5 Apr 2023