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Welcome to Hannover!

Pyromantiker aus der Schweiz

The Pyromantiker Luzern association was founded in 1996 to promote artistic fireworks as a part of culture. It is the only association in Switzerland that has a permit to produce pyrotechnic material. The name of the association is composed of the words "Pyro" for fire and "Romantiker" for feeling and mindfulness. The members understand fireworks as more than just burning fireworks. They see pyrotechnics as a composition of an overall picture with a harmonious sequence, perfectly coordinated with the music. The team presents their unique fireworks in various parks in Switzerland, but also in the mountains, such as the 1st of August fireworks in Zermatt. In August, the pyromaniacs will celebrate their premiere in Hanover and will participate in an international fireworks competition for the first time.

Last updated: 22 Mar 2023