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Holiday on Ice: Supernova

Master class ice entertainment: The new show "Supernova" be seen between 12 and 15 December at the TUI Arena in Hanover.

SUPERNOVA will take you on a fantastic journey from earth to a distant galaxy full of awesome settings and equally mind-blowing moments.

Some of the best creatives minds in the world stage this fast-paced story that begins in the icy winds of a snowstorm and miraculously leads skaters to unknown peoples and places in space. Through a colourful galactic explosion – a supernova – the travellers return to earth and celebrate an unforgettable finale in a sea of northern lights.

Event(s): 27.11.2020 starting from 19:00 o'clock
28.11.2020 starting from 13:00 o'clock
28.11.2020 starting from 16:30 o'clock
28.11.2020 starting from 20:00 o'clock
29.11.2020 starting from 13:00 o'clock
29.11.2020 starting from 16:30 o'clock

ZAG Arena (vormals TUI Arena)

  • Expo Plaza 7
  • 30539 Hannover
Tickets from 27,84 €
Advance sale: