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Volleyball Supercup

© Conny Kurth


Volleyball Supercup in Hannover

Attention sports fans: On 28 October the Volleyball Supercup will take place in Hannover for the second time.

Volleyball Supercup © Conny Kurth

Volleyball Supercup

In the Volleyball Supercup, both the women's and the men's champions meet the DVV Cup winners of the past Bundesliga season. A first test of strength right at the start of the season. And the chance to win the first title of the season against a great backdrop. 

Event(s): 28.10.2018 starting from 11:30 o'clock

TUI Arena

  • Expo Plaza 7
  • 30539 Hannover
Tickets 16,- € - 44,- €
Buntes Schweinwerferlicht und Tausende Menschen: Eine Innenansicht der TUI Arena während eines Konzerts. © Arena Hannover GmbH