Right in the middle of things!

City centre

All around the Kröpcke clock, the heart of Hannover's city centre, you can shop to your heart's content.

In the center of Hanover there is a lot to discover. If you want to go shopping in Hannover, you can start as soon as you come out of the Central Station onto Ernst August Platz.

On the right is the Ernst August Galerie; down the steps, one floor below ground level, is the Niki de Saint Phalle Promenade with Bahnhofstrasse above it - all inviting places for the shopper, the stroller and the gourmet. And if you go on straight ahead, you will come to Kröpcke.

A little tip: if you want to meet someone here at the heart of Hannover, arrange to do so at the Kröpcke Clock; then you will be sure not to miss them, however full the square may be. The most important shopping streets meet here, you can stroll down Georgstrasse to Steintor. Time for a coffee break? In the little streets of the Old Town you will find not only some delightful boutiques, but also lots of cafés and cosy pubs.

Under the tail

What would Ernest Augustus, King of Hannover, have said if he had been able to foresee this? It is not the image of his royal personage but his horse that provides a popular meeting point in Hannover today. If someone says “under the tail”, they are proposing to meet at the equestrian statue directly outside the Central Station.

Market Hall

The Market Hall, known as the “Belly of Hannover”, is popular above all for its vast diversity of fresh food and exclusive international delicacies; but it is also a place that takes such a hold on its visitors that they spend longer there than they had meant to, enjoying a coffee or a prosecco. A place to see and be seen.

Old Town Flea Market

“Pre-owned” objects, junk, art and kitsch! Every Saturday, the bargain-hunters and golddiggers descend on Germany’s oldest flea market, located on the “Hohen Ufer”, the High Bank
of the River Leine between Schlossstrasse and Goethestrasse. A traditional atmosphere is cultivated; you will look in vain for mass produced goods.

Last updated: 16 Jan 2024