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Environmentally friendly alternatives are also increasingly being used in road transport, and the number of charging options is growing.

Elektro-Ladeäsulen von enercity

Climate-friendly mobility is becoming increasingly relevant, and the environmentally friendly alternatives are also being used more and more in road transport. In addition to the environmentally friendly advantages that come with a better climate balance due to lower CO2 emissions, electric mobility also brings long-term cost advantages: not only the government subsidy for the "environmental bonus" is a plus point. With a long service life, electric cars also have significantly lower service costs due to their low maintenance requirements.

At the end of 2021, 517,000 electric cars were registered throughout Germany, and the trend is rising. There are now numerous e-charging stations in the city and region of Hannover; enercity alone provides around 150 e-charging stations.

enercity Ladesäulen

Übersicht aller zugänglichen E-Ladestationen von enercity.

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Last updated: 17 Jan 2023