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Like nowhere else


Life in the area of the city with Hannover’s Leibniz University right next door is relaxed, tolerant and peaceful.

Leibniz Universität © Christian Malsch

Leibniz Universität

The 16,000 or more inhabitants of Nordstadt, the area of Hannover to the north of the city centre, are a colourful mixture of students, young families, old inhabitants who have meanwhile become local institutions, and numerous eccentrics. Life is relaxed, tolerant and peaceful. People meet in the cafés on Engelbosteler Damm or around Luther Church to chat about this and that or simply enjoy a picnic in Welfengarten Park.

In the evening you can go to one of the many “in” pubs. Even a shopping expedition can turn out to be a thrilling activity in Nordstadt, since the shops are as individual as the people: cool, trendy, off-beat, simply different.

The different locations where you can eat and drink: "Spandau", "24grad", "S-Bar", "Kaiser" or "suppenhandlung".

Nordstädter nights are long... You can go in "Musikzentrum", "Klein Kröpcke" or "Schwule Sau" and make some party.