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Hannover like nowhere else

Guide for young people

The City of Hannover embraces 51 districts – and every one of them has a “scene” with a charm of its own and its own particular highlights and plus points.

Shall we meet under the tail? And later go on to the “Glocke” (the “Bell”), where we can have a good time? - People visiting Hannover may be puzzled by some of the odd expressions used here. But don’t worry: it’s all quite harmless. When people say “under the tail”, they mean by the statue of King Ernest Augustus on his horse right outside the Central Station, which is one of Hannover’s most popular meeting points.

And if they say they’re going to the “Glocke”, they mean the Café Glocksee in the Linden district of the city. Close by in the same district you will also find lively Limmerstrasse, a marvellous street to stroll down if you want to see and be seen. Relaxed, tolerant, never getting worked up about things: these are perhaps the best terms to describe what life is like in this city, and how it feels to live here. It’s an attractive place, where life is well worth living.