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Beach Clubs & Rooftop Bars

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Ready for summer? Click here for an overview of bars with a beach atmosphere.

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Azzurro Beach

Looking to conjure that holiday feeling in the middle of the city? No problem! Hannover has trendy beach clubs and rooftop bars in the city and beyond offering a relaxed beach atmosphere for regaling oneself under the sun. There’s no better way to spend those warm summer evenings than with the sand between your toes, the sun on your skin and a cold drink in your hand. Palm trees and loungers round out the feel-good atmosphere.

A coffee in the midday sun, chips and beer at dusk – trendy locations with their own charm beckon you to the water’s edge or above the city’s rooftops with a unique view. Enjoy stunning views over the whole city from the shore or roof garden, or chill in Garbsen or Linden right by the water.


Beach clubs & rooftop bars

Click here for an overview of beach clubs and rooftop bars in Hannover.

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Last updated: 18 Mar 2022