At the old town flea market in Hanover


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Enjoy various treats on offer at the flea market while you browse.


Crêpes Company

The Crêpes Company has been creating a wide variety of crêpes at many events throughout Germany since 1994.

In Hanover, the crêpes stand at the Old Town flea market has become indispensable. Benno Tietjen and his team have been an integral part of the flea market tradition since 2011.

Stop by his food truck on the bridge at the "New Gate" next time you visit and enjoy the popular crêpes made according to a classic family recipe!

Riedel food truck

In addition to the classic bratwurst in a roll, the Riedel butcher's snack trolley from Langenhagen also offers a variety of soups and stews for a well-earned refreshment after a long flea market stroll! A cool beer or a refreshing cola is a must with your bratwurst. Here too, Riedel takes care of your well-being!

Riedel has only been an integral part of the flea market family since 2022, but it is already indispensable!

Last updated: 11 Mar 2024