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The education system in Hannover is highly varied with many different educational institutions.

A teacher in front of her class

From secondary level I to secondary level II, further education or the second education path to the tertiary education, there ist a wide selection of schools, universities and educational institutions in Hannover. New teachers are sought after in all of these levels of education.

Teachers ususally need a specific qualification and training in the form of a completed teaching degree. Information about how to become a teacher can be found on the website of the Ministry for Education and Cultural Affairs for Lower Saxony. Besides qualified teachers, lateral entrants may also work in education if they have the necessary knowledge through their degree.

Schools, colleges and university

Teachers in the city and region of Hannover are employed by the state of Lower Saxony. Teachers who meet certain criteria may gain civil servant status, all others are public sector employees.

There are many opportunities to enter into teaching at the university or one of the colleges in Hannover, from academic collaborations to a professorship.

Last updated: 6 Oct 2022