Energy efficiency and climate protection

Energy Sector

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Heinkraftwerk Linden / Warme Brüder

The Hannover region offers the ideal conditions for cross-sector research on energy efficiency and the development of sustainable energy solutions.

Research by the Kompetenzzentrum für Energieeffizienz e.V. (Centre of Excellence for Energy Efficiency) and Lower Saxony’s Institut für Wirtschaft forecasts very good prospects for growth and employment for the Hannover region in this sector because the region can draw upon:

•    Important technologies available to its markets
•    An established network for businesses and research institutes (e.g. Klimaschutzagentur Region Hannover GmbH)
•    A model programme to stimulate demand with enercity’s proKlima climate protection fund
•    Sufficient energy efficiency funding programmes from the state and national governments and the EU
•    Join those who have chosen a location unrivalled in Europe when it comes to research, development, production and applications for energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

The energy sector in the Hannover region – facts and figures

•    4,700 employees subject to social insurance contributions (i.e. in proper, formal employment) (0.9% of the total jobs in the region) in 70 businesses
•    Important companies include enercity, the biggest energy supplier, and companies involved in the development and implementation of new technologies (e.g. JA-Gastechnologie, district heating manufacturer A-Tron, energiewerkstatt,, Kraftwerk, Windwärts Energie, GeoNet-Umweltconsulting)
•    Research and educational institutes: 20 institutes and university facilities with connections to the energy sector, including wind energy
•    Networks: Leibniz Research Center Energy 2050, ForWind (wind energy research network), Klimaschutzagentur Region Hannover, KEAN, Geozentrum Hannover
•    The world’s first wind turbine using a wooden construction and the first biogas plant in northern Germany to enable biogas to be fed into the natural gas grid
•    Leading trade fair: BioEnergy Decentral and Energy und Wind during the Hannover Messe
•    Development of a ‘Hannover hydrogen region’
Source: Region Hannover (Wirtschaftsreport 2021)