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Training management for SMEs - direct – on-site – non-binding - free

Ensuring a reservoir of young skilled labour

Ensuring a reservoir of young skilled labour is a huge issue for businesses. Many SMEs do not offer their own vocational training because of their high level of specialisation or because of a lack of information. But they are the very companies that rely on qualified young skilled labour. A training scheme is the best opportunity for the company to secure particularly capable and motivated skilled workers, as staff trained by the company itself know the specific demands and concerns of the company best.

EXAM advises and supports SMEs in particular in all matters relating to vocational training, in a committed and dynamic way, directly on-site and without charge:

  • Information about careers requiring formal training, new and newly classified occupational profiles and training in general
  • Advice with regard to internal training opportunities and the planning of further training steps
  • Discharge from official formalities, such as admission to the chambers as a training company, or when signing the training contract
  • Support throughout the scheme in issues relating to the training

We work together with business developers, companies and training supervisors in the Hannover region and closely cooperate with the public employment agency and the responsible chambers.

We are the point of contact for

  • newly established businesses without experience of vocational training,
  • proprietors from an immigrant background,
  • businesses that need advisory support for the training scheme,
  • businesses that offer best-practice training and are considering a new vocational field,
  • businesses that can only teach parts of an occupational profile,
  • businesses that are not familiar with the Dual System.

Last updated: 1 Apr 2019