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Hannover Medical School (MHH)

With more than 65,000 employees and upwards of 3,000 companies, the healthcare industry is Hannover's no.1 growth market. The region offers world-class expertise in a range of research disciplines, and is home to internationally recognised institutions such as Hannover Medical School, the International Neuroscience Institute and Hannover University of Veterinary Medicine. Hannover Medical Park and closely integrated research and university work help to drive innovation and growth.

Hannover's healthcare industry is booming. One in seven employees in the region already works in this field, making Hannover a fertile breeding ground for new companies or for successful company relocations. Healthcare is therefore Hannover's most promising future industry. High levels of scientific expertise in fields such as clinical research, for example, have enabled the region to assume a leading role, and Hannover is also a recognised player in regenerative medicine, biomedical engineering and healthcare delivery.

Many of Hannover's scientific and research institutions enjoy international renown and provide a first-class playing field. Hannover Medical School (MHH), for example, has made a name for itself as one of the world's leading medical establishments. Of particular note is the MHH's specialisation in (pre)clinical research, infection biology and transplantation medicine. And the renowned International Neuroscience Institute (INI) enjoys high levels of success as a specialist clinic and research institution for a wide variety of neurological diseases.

Medical Park Hannover

The internationally acclaimed Hannover University of Veterinary Medicine (TiHo) is one of the most illustrious institutions of its kind in Europe and specialises in infection medicine, neuroscience, animal health and food science, and clinical research. The Klinikum Region Hannover (KRH) is one of Germany's top-performing municipal healthcare providers, managing twelve highly efficient hospitals in the region, while the AUF DER BULT Centre for Children and Adolescents treats more than 30,000 patients per year and is known throughout Germany. It also boasts the biggest paediatric diabetes centre in the country.

Hannover Medical Park provides established companies and newcomers alike with links to research networks, laboratory and office space and many other site-based advantages. Firms operating in the healthcare and life sciences sectors can make the most of the region's effective networks, funding bodies, opportunities for scientific collaboration and initial and continuing training programmes – the ideal basis for growth and innovation.

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Last updated: 11 Mar 2019