Fachhochschule des Mittelstands

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There are currently approximately 350 students getting ready for professional life in Hannover at the private Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM).

The FHM campus Hannover is located in the List district of Hannover

The FHM campus in Hannover is centrally located in the old biscuit factory close to the Lister Meile. The officially recognised, private Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) in Hannover is one of a total of eight FHM campuses in Germany. The next generation of academics in Hannover study in the faculties of economics, media and HR, health and social work.

Practical compact course

The FHM’s accredited Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA and doctorate course offer skilled personnel and managers qualifications with economic expertise for the SME business economy. One of the special features of the practical compact course at the FHM is the small study groups. These enable intensive cooperation between lecturers and students during the course. Joint events create a network from which both current and past students benefit from the outset.

Forms of study at the FHM

The range of courses offered by the FHM includes conventional full-time study, part-time study for those in employment and dual and three-strand study models developed in conjunction with industry as well as distance learning courses in economics, media and HR/health/social work. Most of the full-time courses are taught on-site on the FHM campus. Full-time courses generally include a six-month placement, known as Studium in der Praxis (SIP). Students can complete their SIP at a company in Germany or abroad.

Parallel work/study

As well as full-time courses, the FHM has a long history of offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA and doctorate degrees by way of parallel work/study. These combine attendance days, online lectures and self-study based on a blended learning concept. Students log onto an online e-Learning platform to take part in virtual lectures. The attendance days are fixed well in advance to enable reliable planning.

Dual courses and distance learning

Dual courses have also been developed in close cooperation with selected companies, institutions and associations. These offer students the opportunity to complete an academic degree alongside conventional vocational training within four years. Students thus receive highly practical professional and academic training and excellent prospects for a successful start to their career. The FHM’s distance learning option offers an extremely flexible study model for those balancing a job, family and their studies.

The course concept

Alongside entrepreneurial theory and practice, the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands promotes holistic character development. All of the courses are structured into four areas of expertise according to skills diagnostics (general business skills, specialist skills, HR and interpersonal skills as well as activity and decision-making skills) and mean that the students are fully qualified for entry into a junior or management position. Current studies show that employers are attaching more and more importance to interdisciplinary skills. Where two candidates have the same professional expertise, it is often their interpersonal and HR skills that make the difference.

Key skills

The FHM teaches key skills such as communication, teamwork and initiative. Students are prepared for a wide range of challenges during their SiP placement, in the student projects and through the follow-on lectures on offer.