Waterkant / Madsack See-Salon

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Waterkant / Madsack See-Salon

The north German approach to life moves to the North bank.

Sea sounds, salty air and screeching seagulls – those are things people associate with Waterkant, a Plattdeutsch word for coast. The proprietor of the Madsack See-Salon, who has many other locations as well as publishing houses along the German coast (Lübeck, Kiel, Rostock), is bringing the classic north German approach to life to Lake Maschsee. Local producers mainly use products from the coast, including good coastal wines.

The Madsack See-Salon is an exclusive location for corporate and family events for up to 100 people.


"Anleger/Fackelträger" (North Bank)


fish specialities, steaks, currywurst sausage and burgers, salads, shrimp, pasta dishes, fish sandwiches, Buletten (flattened meatballs)


Madsack Medienagentur GmbH & Co. KG



E-Mail: reservierung@waterkant-maschseefest.de